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Who is Bekas Electric?

Bekas Electric, with its experience of 15 years, began its corporate works in Eskişehir, 2008.

Bekas Electric, known to be a reliable and experienced company, has been providing solutions to all needs of both manufacturers and consumers with its wide range of products in electrical market, automation and security systems areas.

The company has been investing in the sector, and growing contiuously by providing corporate solutions to all cities of Turkey in domestic until its foundation; and Turkemistan, Iran and other countries in the area until 2010. Bekas Electric has been increasing the number of its dealerships day by day, and providing different alternatives for identical products. Using its wide supply network, it can also provide the products of companies who are not dealers, with the most favorable terms to its customers.


Bekas Elektric
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Bekas Contact Us: +90(0222) 220 58 00 (pbx)

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